Choosing an Orange County Janitorial Service

Choosing the right Janitorial Service for your building can be a difficult task. I have been in the industry for over 15 years and have seen many problems as well as solutions. Carpet cleaning is one of the most technical tasks a cleaning service will be required to do. Daily vacuuming is Obviously the key because most dirt on carpets is dry. Vacuuming alone will not result in perfectly clean carpets though. Foot traffic pushes soils deep into the surface of the carpet, much of the dirt is out of reach for the suction of vacuum alone or simply a brush with no vacuum at all. As the carpet pile fills up with this packed soil, the same foot traffic grinds away at the dirt and grit. This grit works like sandpaper to cut the carpet fibers, and causes the carpet to wear out prematurely leading to failure and a need for replacement.

Any professional operation will utilize the daily use of a vacuum with brushing action, which remove the majority of these soils near the surface, preventing them from becoming impacted into the carpet pile. Periodically though, it may become necessary to deep vacuum carpet, mainly in high traffic areas, to remove soil and grit within the carpet pile. Keep in mind, this soil is still addressed while dry. Having a good Janitorial Service that understands the dynamics of carpet cleaning will prolong the life of your carpets. There are many techniques to help keep your carpet looking good including a pile rake. A pile rake can often rejuvenate the top surface of your carpets. I prefer a hot steam extraction method with a carpet emulsifier solution. Pre treatment of heavy stains is something many floor technicians will over look but is just as important as the general cleaning. call 714-609-8556 for a quote today.


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